Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. How is a pay out calculated?
A1. – $700 to $1 on a ticket (3 Ball)
$750 to $1 online (3 Ball)
$4,500 to $1 on a ticket (4 Ball)
$5,000 to $1 online (4 Ball)

Q2. Why am I unable to access my account at this time?
A2. – Please verify your username and password are correct.

Q3. What if my PIN number has been compromised?
A3. – Go to the nearest store and notify us as soon as possible. We will assist with providing a new PIN.

Q4. What if I lose my account card?
A4. – Go to the nearest store and notify us as soon as possible for a replacement.

Q5. Is there a specific time for houses to close?
A5. – All house closing times are posted on the website and at our various locations.

Q6. Where are your locations and what are the telephone numbers?
A6. – Carmichael Road (242) 341-1627
Market Street (242) 322-2300
Soldier Road (242) 394-2238
Zion Boulevard (242) 341-0549
Freeport, Grand Bahama (242) 602-3235
Long Island (242) 337-0357

Q7. What is the length of time before my receipt expires?
A7. – The receipt expires within 5 workings days.

Q8. Who can I contact to place a complaint?
A8. – There are suggestion boxes at all locations. You are also able to contact our head office at (242) 326-1010.

Q9. Am I able to withdraw from my account without identification?
A9. – No. It is the company’s policy to have valid identification with all withdrawals.

Q10. What is a valid identification?
A10. – A valid government issued picture identification. i.e. voter’s card, driver’s licence, national insurance card, passport etc.

Q11. What are the store hours? Are you open on holidays?
A11. – Store hours are posted on the website. Yes we are open holidays.

Q12. How do I update my account after registering?
A12. – You can update your account information at any time by logging in to your account; Sign in with the username and password that you registered with, then select My Account to access your information. Make any necessary changes on your information page, then click on the SUBMIT button to save your changes.

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